T. W. Sullivan Hydroelectric Plant

Bremik Construction completed the renovation of the 1895 T.W. Sullivan Powerhouse building. Improvements included a seismic upgrade, extensive asbestos and LBP abatement, installation of concrete and steel bracing, replacement of existing roofing, siding, window glazing, and installation of a new ventilation system. The project was incredibly challenging since the powerhouse is situated atop the Willamette River Dam and adjacent to an active papermill. Due to these constraints, concrete was delivered using forklifts with Gar-Bro buckets and subsequently pumped several hundred feet into the building. The team also built cantilevered scaffolding to safely replace the siding and roof.

  • Location|West Linn, OR
  • SF|10,000
  • Owner|Confidential
  • Architect|Confidential