Hallock & McMillan Building Historic Renovation

The renovation of the two-story, 4,500 sf Hallock & McMillan Building included restoring the historic building façade, complete MEPFS system upgrade, and seismic improvements. Cast iron reproductions were created of pilasters, arches, and cartouches, and reclaimed materials to enhance the façade’s historical accuracy. The scope also included the seismic upgrade to the neighboring Dielshneider Building to the west and the Fechheimer and White Building to the north. To increase the seismic resiliency of their historic buildings, a concealed cast-in-place concrete moment frame was constructed behind Hallock & McMillan’s reconstructed façade.

Known as the Hallock & McMillan Building, the two-story structure was built of brick and cast iron by Portland’s first professional architect, Absalom Hallock, and contractor William McMillan. Constructed in 1857, the Hallock & McMillan building stands as Portland’s oldest commercial structure. Its age predates the establishment of Oregon as a state; Oregon didn’t achieve statehood until 1859. After its tenure as an architecture office, the Hallock & McMillan Building housed a candy factory, a leather-goods company, and a scale manufacturer, among others.

  • Location|Portland, OR
  • SF|4,500
  • Owner|Russell Development
  • Architect|Leeb Architects
  • Award|2020 Restore Oregon Demuro Award