Safety Week is an annual, week-long event designed to raise national awareness of the importance of safety in the construction industry. At Bremik, we also see Safety Week as a celebration of our standing safety record and commitment to secure job site practices.

This year we decided to go all out in our festivities and created a new internal campaign based on our safety commitment. Our motto is “Be Safe All Day. Every Day. Making Safe Choices.” This motto stands as a reminder to each and every employee that working safely is the ultimate personal choice, and it also allows self-reflection on why we choose to stay out of harm’s way. Additionally, we launched a new Bremik safety logo. It will be present on all future jobsites and safety gear, serving as a constant reminder to work safe all day, every day.

At the start of the week, we handed out t-shirts to employees at our current job sites, and we asked people to share with us why they guard themselves from accidents. Some decided to write their reason on special posters on site, but many others chose to answer “why” with photos of their loved ones. Thank you to everyone who shared their personal pledges to safety and thank you to our amazing teams for protecting themselves on the job!

Also, be sure to check out our official safety video if you haven’t yet!


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