NOHA Warrenton Renovations

After 40 years without significant upgrades or renovations, Bremik Construction partnered with the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority to revitalize the affordable housing communities of Alder Court, Canim, Tillicum, and Wapiti Apartments, which were falling into disrepair. Renovations to 60 units, or 46,000 sf, included new siding, insulation, replacement of all drywall, flooring, and mechanical systems, improving both ventilation and long-term durability.

Building exteriors were torn down to the framing, allowing crews to install new siding with improved drainage capabilities. Rotting wood was replaced with hardier materials, and new, improved insulation was placed throughout each structure. Inside the units themselves, drywall, flooring, energy-efficient appliances, and LED lighting were installed.
  • Location|Warrenton, OR
  • SF|46,000
  • Owner|Northwest Oregon Housing Authority
  • Architect|Bergsund Delany Architecture