The MilePost 5 project was a remodel of an existing, 3-story affordable housing building initially erected in 4 phases about 100 years ago. Originally a community for the elderly, this complex now houses a group of artists living on Levels 2 and 3, with commercial spaces rented out on Level 1, including a community woodshop, public art display area and catering business to name a few.

The remodel consisted of an upgrade to the existing elevator, paint and flooring upgrades to common areas such as the chapel/theater space, and a voluntary seismic upgrade to several units on Level 3. The exterior renovations included a full seal of existing brick, significant tuckpointing improvements, traffic coating installed at all stair landings and paint of existing handrails and window frames.

The first phase created 54 contemporary-loft-style condominiums in a three-story concrete structure where a waiting list exists for artists who want to move in. The project is a complete remodel and vertical addition with a new exterior facade, building systems and interior finishes. The community is constantly bustling with unique art festivals and provides galleries, design studios, courtyards and green space in an urban setting.