Milepost 5 is an artist community in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood. This historic affordable housing development offers 100 units of both residential and artist studio spaces. Bremik is completing interior and exterior remodels to improve lifespan and energy efficiency.

Interior upgrades include updated finishes, casework, and energy-efficient fixtures throughout studios and common spaces. Crews will also repaint, refloor, and complete other repairs and updates throughout the building’s interior. On the exterior, damaged bricks will be repaired, gutters will be cleaned, and downspouts will be reinstalled. These remodels are being completed while the building is occupied, requiring regular and thoughtful coordination with the property manager and tenants.

Bremik will be self-performing a seismic upgrade to both the third floor and attic space, which will consist of pulling back existing flooring, installing angle-iron around the building’s perimeter, and drill and epoxy into the existing brick exterior. Milepost 5 will be completed in Spring of 2020.