Bremik renovated a series of three buildings on the Historic Bank Block in downtown Portland. The building was first designed by renowned local architect A.E. Doyle, this site had the first edifice in Portland to be built with steel framing. The Wells Fargo Building was completed in 1907, while the US Bank portion was completed in 1917 and expanded in 1925, subsequently doubling the building’s existing footprint. The final section of the block—US Motor Bank—was constructed in 1956 and provides two floors of office space and three levels of garage space.

Bremik completed a demolition of vacant floors throughout the building’s and built back a ‘white box’ space. Demolition included all interior walls, accessories, and abandoned MEP systems while bringing the space up to fire life safety codes. Additionally the project included a full build-out of the CUNA Suite, amenity space, game room, elevator lobbies and covered roof walkways and construction of structural additions with full MEPFS packages and full architectural design sets.

As part of the building upgrades, Bremik is renovating lobbies, common spaces, MEPFS systems, and amenity spaces across floors 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 11. Work is also being completed on the roof and in the basement. Vacant floors are being prepared for new tenants, fire alarm/sprinklers/HVAC systems are being upgraded, and a new rooftop walkway is being added to improve interconnectivity of the three buildings. Great care has been taken in the renovation of this project in order to maintain the buildings’ historical nature and intricate casework.