Discovery Block – Row Housing

The ten, three-story row houses at the Discovery Block development offer panoramic views of the Washington mountains north of the Columbia River. Each residence consists of two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, spanning approximately 1,500 sf and featuring a one-car garage along with a top floor office space. The project was executed in two phases, with the initial phase encompassing the construction of five townhomes on the eastern side of the site, followed by the completion of the remaining five townhomes on the western side during phase two.

Bremik was founded in Troutdale and the company founders have developed several historic and new mixed-use buildings to revitalize and enhance this gateway to the Gorge. The Discovery Block Development as a whole is scheduled to undergo completion in three stages. The townhome development was finished in 2016, followed by the completion of the west commercial building in 2019. Future plans include the development of the east side of the commercial area, doubling the currently available office space.

  • Location|Troutdale, OR
  • Owner|Discovery Block, LLC
  • Architect|Soderstrom Architects