Outreach & Inclusion

Bremik Construction’s success on COBID participation begins with building relationships. We want to achieve the aspirational goals for the projects we work on, and we want them to result in win-win outcomes. By listening to our trade partners and industry advocacy groups we know COBID certified subcontractors are looking for quality opportunities as well as the ability to grow capacity. Our goal is to mentor and develop disadvantaged businesses so that we, and other contractors, can confidently utilize them on larger and future projects. This takes commitment, starting in preconstruction and continues throughout construction, including safety and accounting. We have championed countless projects with COBID certification requirements and developed a program that has allowed us to not only meet the project goals but develop long lasting contractor/subcontractor relationships.

While we have several projects in preconstruction or under construction pursuing MWESB participation, below is a list of completed projects that exceeded the goals of our clients.

ProjectGoal UtilizationActual Utilization
Hattie Redmond Apartments30%53.5%
The Joyce Renovation30%38.7%
Troutdale Elementary School20%41.5%
Viewfinder Apartments20%31%
Lents Commons Apartments30%52.5%
Emmons Place30%40.3%
Magnolia II Apartments20%39.9%
Portland Mercado20%42.7%
Vibrant! Apartments20%28.2%
Smith Block Renovation20%22%
White Stag Block Renovation20%24%

Workforce Hiring

Bremik Construction is signatory to the carpenter and laborer unions, and we are a registered training agent with BOLI. The unions provide a structured, proven program for developing people into journeyman carpenters and laborers. With 32% of our field crew being apprentices, we assure craftspeople have the necessary skills to earn a living wage and support the growth of our industry.

For trade partners who are not registered training agents, we mentor them in the requirements of the state’s workforce training program.

Corporate Diversity

Bremik Construction is an EEO employer and as a contractor founded and based in Portland, Oregon, we are committed to the promotion, development and utilization of a diverse local workforce and commercial construction industry.