Our Why

A Vision To Be The Best

Bremik Construction was founded in 2004 with the vision to Be the Best contractor in Oregon. Through attracting and developing talented like-minded professionals, we are methodically progressing toward our goal. To Be the Best is not to be the biggest, nor is it a destination the firm wishes to reach. It is an attitude, a competitive mindset, and a company culture that encourages reaching for excellence in how we build, conduct business, grow, and develop as a team.

"Bremik is different than most contractors. They are not the usual process guys, but are ‘roll up your sleeves, lets figure it out together and get it built’ kind of people."
- David Elkins, President | Remington Real Estate Group

  • Knowledgable in all facets of construction
  • Think like owners
  • Roll up your sleeves attitude
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning

"You told us you’d do a great job, and we believed you. I must add, however, that you vastly exceeded our highest expectations. At our Grand Opening, everyone marveled at the attention to detail, the fine craftsmanship, and the quality of construction. Everyone on your team displayed high levels of professionalism and commitment to this project. On a scale of 1-10, you all rate a 15!"
- Donna Schuurman, Ed.D, FT, Executive Director | The Dougy Center

  • Build it well and it will endure the test of time
  • Take pride in everything we create
  • Well planned and executed yields well built
  • Lead by example to raise the quality of all trades

"What strikes me most about Bremik is the hands-on nature of the ownership and the quality of people they have hired onto their team. I have now had the chance to interact with almost every employee they have in their office and they are all first class people who know their jobs very well. Every interaction has been positive."
- Tim O’Brien, Principal | Urban Asset Advisors

  • Plan well, finish strong
  • Quality interactions and outcomes
  • You know what you get with Bremik
  • Apply Bremik’s Best Management Practices to every project

"Bremik Construction is the best. Their team successfully completed our challenging addition and complete remodel while keeping us open for business. We served over 500 families during the project and Bremik was always cooperative and accommodating to our ever changing schedule. We appreciated their innovative approach and helpful attitude toward keeping our operations as their top priority."
- Merlene Drapela, General Manager | Bateman Carroll Funeral Home

  • Be thought leaders in our industry
  • Challenge the mentality of "building like we always have"
  • Encourage the team to ask "why not"
  • Work smarter to improve efficiency


Safety is a mindset, an attitude, a culture.

We understand Bremik is nothing without our employees, which is why safety remains our top priority in the field.

Bremik has a robust safety program with multiple training opportunities, activities, and protocol in place to promote safety and health at work. In 2010, Bremik empowered our Safety Director to raise the bar to the highest level of safety in our industry. The resultant measures have made Bremik one of the safest companies to work for in Oregon. View our safety video.


Maximizing your benefit, minimizing our impact.

Bremik Construction is purposely headquartered in Portland, Oregon –

one of the most sustainable cities in the United States. Today, virtually all our work incorporates smart sustainable building practices, with or without certification. Bremik understands our role in minimizing the ecological impact our built environment imparts on this wonderful place we are fortunate to call home.

Projects are lead through the design and construction process by our LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Associates to meet the goals of our clients. From the first and largest LEED Gold Historic Renovation in the United States, The White Stag Block, to the sustainably constructed Bremik Headquarters, we strive to maximize your benefit and minimize our impact.

Community Outreach

Our value is ultimately determined by what we do for others.

Bremik maintains a firm belief in our social responsibility to give back to our environment and community.

Since our beginning in 2004, Bremik has made it a priority to volunteer our time and expertise, make in-kind donations to local non-profit, community and charitable agencies.


Recognizing our best.

Bremik Construction is fortunate to work with some of the finest clients, architects and engineering firms in the Northwest.

We’re proud to be associated with these firms, and that our accomplishments as a team are recognized.